B-Brand 1.8 Metre Lanyard & Scaff Hook (HSFA3030418)

This lanyard and scaff hook from B-Brand is designed for use with fall arrest equipment, measuring 1.8 metres. It is a shock absorbing webbing lanyard with a karabiner one end and a scaffold hook at the other end. It is a 30mm wide webbing lanyard with 35mm webbing shock absorber, with the loops protected by abrasion resistant tubular webbing. This product conforms to EN 355: 2002 and is tested as per VG 11 of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.

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  • Shock absorbing
  • 1.8 metres
  • 30mm wide webbing lanyard
  • 35mm webbing shock absorber
  • Karabiner
  • Scaffold hook
  • Abrasion resistant loops

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